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The All-in-one tool for Tours, Artist, Production, Rental Companies, and Crew Colaboration.

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Manage all your events, crew, equipment and performances with one simple dashboard.

Event's Calendar

Easily create multiple events types, asign crew members, equipment, send notifications, and more...

Crew members only see their Events

Control whow can see what, show only the necesary information to each crew member.

Manage Payroll

Assign a per event salary to your crew members and generate your event's payroll with one single click.

Manage Riders Responses

Upload your Riders, share them with your event's production supplier and collect the responses, keeping everything organize.

Main Features

Your event's platform can be fully customized, we can add the features you need and remove the ones you don't use. 3rd party integrations can also be implemented. Here are some of the standard features.


Create multiple types of events and manage them all at once.

Crew Management

Asign your crew members to events and nothify them.

Add Tasks

Add tasks to your events and assign them to your crew members.


Manage your crew members payroll and pay them.


Upload documents to your events and share them with your crew members.


Upload and share your riders with your crew members, Production team and Providers.

Email, Slack & SMS

Keep everyone informed, notify your crew members and send them messages.


Download reports and keep control of your data.

People working on laptops

Large Productions?

Own your platform

Get a dedicated server and a custom version of crewik using your own brand, your own domain, emails, and every feauture unlimited.